Vocational Education Training

VET Business Services – Certificate II Flyer

VET Entertainment Industry – Certificate III Flyer
VET Hospitality – Certificate II Flyer
EVET Certificate II and III in Entertainment Industries Video
EVET Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance
EVET Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot) Video

With TVET, you can get a head start on your career by completing a TAFE NSW course, while still at school. TVET courses are available to students in Year Eleven and Twelve (Stage Six) as well as students in Year Nine and Ten (Stage Five). The majority of courses detailed throughout this guide are Stage Six courses. Stage Six TVET courses count towards your HSC, with some contributing towards your Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).

BENEFITS OF TVET At TAFE NSW, you will gain work related skills and experience that is recognised and valued by employers. In many TVET courses, in addition to your theoretical training, you will also be required to complete a mandatory work placement. TVET studies can be used to help you gain a place in a TAFE NSW Higher Education course or at a university, by contributing to your ATAR.

Your TVET qualification will also provide you with an industry qualification. TVET courses may also contribute towards credit or advance standing in your next TAFE NSW course. By successfully completing your TVET course, you will gain two credentials upon finishing school; one from the New South Wales Educational Standards Authority (NESA), and another from TAFE NSW. For more information you may want to explore this link: https://www.tafensw.edu.au/study/types-courses/tvet


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