RHAC Dashboard

When commencing their remote learning for the day, students should access Canvas and click on their subject via their Canvas Dashboard. Once they have accessed their subject, students will see a table of instructions. The most recent instructions will be posted in the first row. The instructions will be dated or indicate the period/s to which the work relates. Where possible, the anticipated duration of the work will be communicated to students too. Work may be assigned for multiple periods and may requires multiple lessons to complete. In these cases, period by period instructions will not be posted.

Tips for your learning day

Get Set

  • Have a quiet, comfortable place where you can focus on your learning
  • Make sure you have all the equipment you will need
  • Put away any distractions

Get Started

  • Login to your device by 8:45am
  • Check in with your Home Room through Canvas at 8:45am and at 10:30am
  • Check for any emails and Canvas notifications
  • Use your diary to note when you have a live learning session

Keep Going

  • Use your timetable to structure your learning for the day
  • Work through the tasks your teacher has set for you
  • Submit tasks according to the teacher’s instructions
  • Keep up standards for good online etiquette with teachers and peers At the end of the day, check back on your instructions from the teachers to see if there are things you still need to do. Write those in your diary for the next day. 

Keep a balance

  • Take regular short breaks to stretch and refocus
  • Remember to keep up healthy eating and exercise Spend time away from your screens and social media

Ask for help

  • ‘Try 3 before me’ – How can you find help before asking the teacher?
  • IT can help with technical problems
  • Your Home Room teacher and Year Advisor are also there to help

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