Remote learning essential involves class teachers providing students with learning experiences while they are not able to attend school. While it is not possible to replace the rich learning environment of the classroom, a Remote Learning plan is intended to help students maintain connections with their teacher and classmates and continue to develop essential academic knowledge and skills.
Remote learning is different to Home Schooling which typically involves a parent or carer taking on the role of the child’s teacher. Under a Remote Learning plan, the College staff continue to prepare lesson resources and teach the students.
Parents, particularly those in the early years of schooling, play a crucial role in helping students to access learning materials, manage their time and maintain organisation. Young children have limited planning and self-management skills and will need considerable direction, especially as they become familiar with new routines and ways of learning.
Junior School students should always go to SeeSaw to access remote learning materials and Senior students access Canvas. Having one main source is intended to make things more straight-forward for students.

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