The school has established guidelines for interaction on the net called Online etiquette this outlines the school’s expectations regarding online behaviour.

Click here to read the Online etiquette document.

Help with Online issues

eSafety provides a good guide for keeping your children safe when online. It features webinars, factsheets and advice for how to have conversations about internet use, what to do in different situations, guidance about social media apps to name a few – it is very easy to use.

Observe your children after online use of digital media

  • Problematic use (experiencing cyber bullying) may be characterised by changes in mood after online activity, changes in overall personality, stress, issues with schoolwork, changes in sleep, avoidance, decline in physical health and secretive online behaviour.
  • Help children to build digital resilience by having conversations about online content/experiences (such as what to do after coming across a distressing news article, for example), and modelling appropriate digital behaviour and values.

Also the site has a page set up for young people to guide them in their use and what to do in particular circumstances provides tips and helps for managing being online, including what to do when things do not go right (cyberbullying, sexting etc…)

Parent and Carer Webinars

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