Remote Learning for Junior School students involves both digital and non-digital activities which follow the class timetables and programs as much as possible.

My Day


  • Have a quiet, comfortable place where you can focus on your learning
  • Make sure you have all the equipment you need
  • Put away anything that will distract you


  • Login to your device at 9:00am
  • Log-in to Seesaw
  • Like your teacher’s class video
  • Use your College diary to write down when you have a Zoom meeting


  • Use your timetable to know when to do each task
  • Work through the tasks your teacher has set for you
  • Use your teacher’s instructions to submit tasks


  • ‘Try 3 before me’ – How can you find help before asking the teacher? 
  • Your class teacher and your Stage Coordinator are there to help you.

My learning platforms

All students use Seesaw to access and complete activities and view teaching videos. You will receive feedback from your teacher on Seesaw. Each morning, teachers post a welcome video for their class on Seesaw. You need to view and ‘like’ these videos in order to be marked present for the day.

If you are in Year Three to Six you also have access to Google Drive to organise your learning, share tasks with teachers and receive feedback.

You will also have regular access to your teacher via Zoom for whole class or small group lessons.

My learning activities

Learning tasks will be arranged in a Weekly Matrix. Matrixes will be uploaded on Seesaw and emailed to families on Friday afternoon in preparation for the week ahead.

Sample Matrix

We have also designed a number of choice board grids which provide students with tasks additional to their regular class activities.

How much learning?

The table below indicates the recommended time allocations for English, Mathematics and other KLA’s.

Recommended Time Allocation per dayEarly Stage OneStage OneStage TwoStage Three
Overall3 hrs per day3 hrs per day3.5 hrs per day4 hrs per day
English1 hour1 hour1 hour1.25 hours
Mathematics1 hour1 hour1 hour1.25 hours
Other KLA’s1 hour1 hour1.5 hours1.5 hours

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